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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most effective and most emulated neighborhood association in Boston's South End neighborhood.

Our Mission

WSANA’s mission is to provide a forum for the discussion of issues that impact the neighborhood—safety, development, cleanliness—and to amplify the voices of its residents with the city government, police, developers, restaurants, business owners, and social and health service providers. Whether you own or rent, work or play here, you are welcome to attend our meetings.

Our Story

1978 Map

Our Story

The Worcester Square Area Neighborhood Association (WSANA) was legally established on June 4th, 1978 by Joseph McCallion, Bernard Towle, and Frances Moore, residents at that time of Worcester Square and East Springfield Street.

WSANA encompasses more than Worcester Square! According to the 1978 map, its boundaries were Northampton Street from Washington Street to Albany Street, Albany Street from Northampton Street to Plympton Street,  Plympton Street from Albany Street to Harrison Avenue, Harrison Avenue from Plympton Street to East Brookline Street, East Brookline Street from Harrison Avenue to what is know now as Father Gilday Street, East Concord Street from Father Gilday to Washington Street and Washington Street from East Concord Street to Northampton Street.


DSC06620 - Worcester Square Park Far Side

WSANA holds regular meetings ten times a year, the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm at a location announced in the agenda that is sent out to ever resident, business, government or non-government institution, and non-resident that has allowed WSANA to capture its email address. If you wish to be added to that email list, please contact info@worcestersquare.org. WSANA does not meet in August and December. Each resident and business owner is allowed to vote if she or he has attended at least one previous meeting.

There are twelve members of the Executive Board: each year four members are elected for a term of three years. The officers are the president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary. There are several standing and ad hoc committees.

WSANA gained a 501(c)(3) exemption in May 2018 from federal income tax from the IRS. Donors can deduct contributions they make from their income under IRC Section 170.

WSANA has organized and sponsored a Tree Lighting Event every December for almost 60 years. Local businesses donate gift certificates and food, the city donates a tree, WSANA hires a band, Santa appears with Christmas cheer and presents for children, and a raffle is held to raise money for this event and others throughout the year, including a more recent tradition of a summer concert series.


Tree lined East Brookline Street

Meet the Executive Board

WSANA has a 10 person executive board that sets the agenda for the monthly meeting and plans annual events including earth day clean ups and an annual tree lighting in the Worcester Square park.

George Stergios

Vice President

Worcester Square Resident

Desi Murphy

Vice President

East Springfield St. Resident

Bob Minnocci

Executive Board Member

Past Vice President

Mass. Ave. Resident

Craig Hughes

Executive Board Member

Worcester Square Resident

Andy Brand

Executive Board Member

East Springfield St. Resident

Morris Tansky


Worcester Square Resident

Mark Kuper

Executive Board Member

Worcester Square Resident

Fernando Requena

Vice President

East Concord Street Resident

Chris Balerna

Executive Board Member

East Springfield Street Resident

Let's engage!

Do you live or work in the WSANA boundaries? Do you have ideas for improving YOUR neighborhood? We want to hear from YOU!

Email us at info@worcestersquare.org


The beautiful tree lined East Springfield Street and historical brick row houses